Print Design + Narrative class explores the tools and techniques unique to print design processes while also exploring strategies for creating compelling and effective visual communications. Emphasis is placed on concept development, typography, original image-making, and the design process itself. Students focus on the relationships between images and text in a variety of different formats and examine how meaning changes depending on the context used. Narrative, symbolism, metaphor, and information hierarchies are also explored. This class is typically attended by students in their first year of Design studies.

Album Design & Poster

The assignment was to create a 6-panel folding CD booklet which opens into a poster showing a dynamic type illustration of the first letter in the band's name.


Book Cover design

Students were asked to reimagine the book cover for a classic novel using only vector illustrations, typography, and a limited color palette.


Symbol Designs & Book

Students randomly selected unique objects to consider and were asked to create a set of conceptual symbols conveying different properties, uses, or contexts for those objects. Books were then created to feature their symbol designs alongside supporting text or imagery to complement the symbols and ideas.


PACkage design

Students were tasked with redesigning an existing package of their choosing. Branding, form, and function were among the many aspects addressed in this multi-faceted project. Understanding how a two-dimensional design could take three-dimensional shape in the world was a key objective. 


pattern making

This project began with an exploration of pattern-making techniques and color studies geared toward developing a series of visual vocabularies. A cohesive stationery set with a matching container or package were then created based on the primary exercises.