Design Forum is a weekly lecture series attended by all design students. Each week a designer from a different area of design presents their work, their philosophies on work, how they approach their mediums, their ideas on dealing with clients, or whatever angle they choose to take. We are visited by graphic designers, furniture designers, photographers, interactive designers, book designers, motion designers, creative directors, hand-letters, and any other kind of creative who consider themselves a designer. Many of our lecturers are from or working in the New Orleans area and paint an attainable picture of working as a designer in the South.


Zack Smith is a lifestyle branding and commercial photographer that has been involved in the social, musical and cultural landscapes of Louisiana for the past 20 years.


Catherine Restrepo visited with the students in the Design Department at Loyola University New Orleans. Catherine Restrepo is a multifaceted creator schooled in architecture who conceives of art, design and architecture as something open, where anything is possible, and every discipline and technique is an equally important part of an artist's skillset. She has a wide range of work that includes visual arts, graphic design and architecture.


Rachel is an alum of Loyola and the Design dept! She visited our students to tell them about her adventures working for Sucre, The New Orleans Pelicans, what it means to wear many hats at small businesses, and how to use her savvy to solve tough problems.

Our department had the pleasure of inviting almuna, Jennifer Cohen from Adobe. Jennifer Cohan has worked at Adobe since graduating from Loyola in 1986. She will be sharing her experiences with Adobe, how she has become an asset, and take us through Adobe's history. While she is not a working designer anymore, design still influences her life.