A well rounded designer is someone who has been exposed to all aspects of design before settling on a niche or style. Modern designers must be fluent in graphic design, while being skillful and knowledgeable about Typography, Interaction Design, Motion Design, and Illustration. Check out the below links for student galleries that showcase the different technical areas in the Design Department at Loyola.


Graphic Design:
Bachelor's of Design

Graphic Design courses are an essential part of the design education. At the beginning of their college careers, design students learn about composition, color theory, and design technology in their graphic design courses. Those on their way out of school learn the professional skills necessary to compete in the design world as a freelancer or in a staff position.

interactive design:
bachelor's BACHELOR’s OF DESIGN in INteraction

Interaction Design teaches students how to design for user experience via website design, app design, and game design. Students who wish to focus on Interaction Design can earn a BD in Interaction Design, while studying UI/UX Design, Game Design, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality.

Motion design:
Required course study or FULL ONLINE MAJOR

Motion Design is the practice of of visual storytelling in time based mediums. Students learn how to bring their designs and illustrations to life through motion graphics animation. Motion design is part of the required core courses for all Graphic Design and Interactive Majors. A more comprehensive Motion Design Major is available 100% online.