Motion Design incorporates a broad array of disciplines including vector graphics, collage/multi-media animation, stop motion animation, live action green screen and compositing, visual effects, typography animation, 3D animation, motion tracked animation, particle animation, etc. Many Motion Designers move into professional roles later in life that include art director, creative director, and other positions. Many digital natives prefer to design for the screen and the world they have grown up in.

Motion Design is included in the Design curriculum to ensure that all students are prepared for the increased pressure on designers to be familiar with motion graphics animation. All sophomore Design Majors take Motion 1 + Motion 2 before the choose their area of concentration in Graphic Design or Interactive Design.

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Available in May 2019, the Design Department will offer a fully online Motion Design Degree. Students take an exhaustive range of 6-week courses in motion design including, Typography for Motion, Design History, Story Boards and Style Frames and more.

MOTION 1 + 2 REEL 2018

The works in this reel represent the most successful pieces from the Motion Narrative 1+ 2 Class, 2017-2018. 

Students in Motion 1 were challenged with creating either a title sequence or an infographic.
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