Problem Statement:

Loyola students have been consistently complaining about the lack of easy and quick lunch options when they are on the go. In response to these complaints, the school wants to implement a quick and efficient lunch option for students on the go in the residential quad.


Vision Statement:

The innovative design provided by Five Star will help the busy students on the go by providing them with a speedy lunch option while they are on their way from their dormitories to classes. This will considerably reduce the amount of complaints of a quick lunch option to the university from students on the go.



Francis finishes his morning classes at 12:20 and heads back to his dorm to put his books away. Francis then gathers his things and heads out the door of Buddig hall and through the breezeway on the side of Carrollton hall towards the Danna Student Center stairwell. Skating along, he hears “FREE SANDWICHES!” shouted, accompanied with a large sign that also says, “FREE SANDWICHES.” He decides to go get a sandwich since they are free.

He skates up to the table where he sees the start sign. The girl at the table says, “Hi, would you like a hot chicken or bacon sandwich?” He replies, “Chicken would be great!” The first server at the start of the table starts making his sandwich by grabbing the fresh ciabatta bread and adding the hot chicken from the hot tray to the bread. She then asks if he would like American cheese, to which he responds with an enthusiastic, “Yes please!” He follows along as he notices that now his sandwich is being passed down to the other girl at the table who begins adding the avocado and arugula to his sandwich. The girl soon asks, “Would you like BBQ or Ranch sauce?” Francis responds, “I’ll get the BBQ sauce.”

The sandwich is finally made, wrapped and packaged. Francis grabs the sandwich handle and skates off to sit in the shade. He takes a bite of the sandwich and grimaces. He is disappointed that the sandwich has sweet BBQ sauce instead of tangy BBQ sauce.